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REST API Usage Documentation

API requests can be sent with the command line tool curl or with a browser rest client plugin. The API allows the user to create jobs for the respective tools with the HTTP method POST, each requiring a different set of parameters.
Calculation results can then be accessed and downloaded with the HTTP method GET. The base url for current version (v1) is
For performance and security reasons, the API endpoints are subject to rate limiting (60 jobs/minute). Exceeding this limit, a HTTP status code 429 with the message "Throttle limit reached. Retry later" will be sent.
Custom PDBs can be used in order to create tool jobs. These PDBs have to be added priorly:

Sample Call (curl):

curl -F pdb_file[pathvar]=@/path/myfile.pdb -X POST -H "Accept: application/json"
The HTTP status code 202 is returned if the PDB is still loading and 200 if the PDB was successfully loaded.
400 is returned if an error occurrs. The response contains an id that can subsequently be used for tool calls instead of a pdb code.

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KNIME nodes

KNIME is a free open-source and easy to use tool to create workflows to analyze your chemical data. We offer various nodes to integrate the ProteinsPlus tools into your KNIME workflows.